Private Comedy Coaching

Call our office at (212) 279-6980 or email to set up a private coaching session.

• Feel stuck and want to get your comedy juices flowing again?
• Want to brainstorm new ideas and write new material?
• Need to punch-up and tighten existing material?
• Want Steve’s input on a video of your performance?
• Want to be totally prepared for an audition or upcoming performance?

Then do what comedians across the country and around the world do when they need to do their best – book a private coaching session with American Comedy Institute’s Director, Stephen Rosenfield.

His experience as an award-winning director, writer and coach will be focused on bringing your work up to a new level of excellence.

Private coaching via email, phone, or video chat is also available.

Schedule a private session with Steve, email him your material, and your session will be conducted via phone. A great way to develop new material without leaving home.

Fees for private coaching are $125.00 for a forty minute session and $150.00 for an hour.

Fees for graduates of the One Year Program are $85.00 for a forty minute session and $125.00 for an hour.

Need help with a business presentation? Fees for business presentation are $300 per hour.

To schedule your session, contact the office at (212) 279-6980 or email us at: